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The generosity and kindness displayed by everyone who made it to our fundraising party this past Saturday totally blew us away. We’re humbled and honored and eternally grateful to everyone for their kind words, contributions, bids and help. The night was fun, relaxed, filled with amazing music courtesy of Sennetti, Nick Johnson & Steve Day, …

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As part of our fundraising effort we’re auctioning off 10 of my photographs at our goodbye/fundraising party on Saturday, 1st September. Taken in Sri Lanka, Cuba and Santorini in the past years, they represent our personal favorites out of a collection of 15,000+ photos in my over-flowing digital library and we hope you’ll really like …

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See you September 1st!

Just quickly before we hop on a plane to Finland for one last taste of mökkilife & family time before Africa: Plans for our fundraising/goodbye party on the 1st September are well under way and some wonderful friends and Zürich peeps (Alex aka “Sennetti” and Nick Johnson of the Nick Johnson Band) have agreed to contribute to what already promises to be a great night filled with general merriment, good vibes and possibly a (sad) goodbye or two.

We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone, talk about the great work that Amani does and about our (tiny) part in it.

‘Yay’ for parties! 🙂

– K&B