We headed out on a wee little adventure this winter and will spend September 2012 to March 2013 in Tanzania, East Africa. The decision to leave our jobs, apartment and family and friends behind and embark on this crazy little adventure was difficult but seemed like the right thing to do… Life is all about taking risks – even if they’re scary at first – so it feels good to spend this “time before babies” exploring a new part of the world (for us) and discovering something more about this beautiful continent, people and ourselves in the process. Thanks for following our blog – we hope it gives you insights into life in Tanzania, into the good work that Amani Children’s Home does and into a world that at first glance seems oh-so-different to ours…

We’ll be spending most of our time at the Amani Children’s Home in the town of Moshi – on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi has a population of about 200’000 people (plus a whole bunch of animals) and is the last main stop-off point for treks up the snow-capped volcano. On a clear day we see the mountain right in front of us as we walk home…

Some perspective on where we’ll be spending the next half a year (click to enlarge)…

Moshi Town


Mamma Africa

  1. Nice to read words of feelings I had a few month ago. We were in Tanzania too, in Dar es Salaam where we spent some time doing volunteering and tourism for 1 month and then continued same scenario in south east Asia and Calcutta but I am still missing so much Jambo, Abari, Ahsante Sana, Quesho, … and all the text written on the Dalla-Dalla like ‘Happy Nation’, people speaking with so much compassion to each other, and this ‘eh’ is kind of sculpted in my memories.
    Back to Europe we found so much comfort again but somehow something essential is deeply missing. South east Asia is very nice too but my heart did no come and stayed in the middle of Dar es Salaam, Jambiani, Mbhurrati, …
    We wish you much success with the children and nice time with the nicest people we ever met.

    • Hi Jean-Philippe and thanks for the kind comments! Funny and cool to hear that you felt the same way about Tanzania and that you really enjoyed your time in Tanzania… We have a week to go (after half a year here) so we’re both looking forward to being back, but also sad about all the Habari’s and Mambo’s we’re leaving behind. We’ll miss the kids at Amani and the warm and easygoing atmosphere here… All the best and thank you again for your kind words!

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