I’ll Miss You, I’ll Miss You Not


162 down, 12 to go and I’m looking forward to…

Long , lazy dinners with friends and family. Meeting our two new nephews and their proud parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles

A glass of good red wine and a delicious cocktail or two (you won’t get past a rudimentary G&T here)

Vietnamese food

Good chocolate

Going to the movies

Riding my bicycle

Walking around town without being covered in dust, choking on the fumes of (probably) toxic burning trash or dodging deranged street chicken. Wearing unreasonable shoes on even road surfaces

Cool, fresh air plus a dusting of fresh, powder snow (too much to ask for in March?)

Reliable power and ipso facto, reliable internet and refrigeration

Long walks with Billie, the Danielsson family dog

Having a healthier relationship with mosquitos again (I find the whole ‘kill or be killed’-type situation over here a little draining)

But I’ll miss…

Smiling at strangers, saying hello to almost everyone you pass

Not having to care about the weather forecast (it doesn’t even exist here) and knowing exactly how the day will unfold as you stand on the cool, shaded veranda at 7am listening to the neighborhood wake up to the sun’s early rays

Amani kids, kids in general. 42 percent of the population is under 14 in Tanzania so kids are literally everywhere. Their hilarious ‘how-are-you’s’ (blurted out as if it’s one slippery word), their innocent but guarded curiosity, their shy smiles…

Massive, creamy avocados

Guilt-free breakfasts at our favorite café: fresh Kili coffee and a chilled mango juice

Cheap and delicious Indian food (Moshi tip Nr 1: El Rancho – utterly Indian despite its name)

Kili, because even the Alps will always feel a tad underwhelming in comparison

The ubiquitous African joie de vivre expressed through dance and music; that hard-to-pinpoint-but-it’s-there-je-ne-sais-quoi that makes people fall in love with this flawed but fabulous continent

-K alone this time, B’s list to come next week!

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