Littler Friends

Our Amani friends are fantastic – sometimes shy, a little reserved in the way that teenagers often are, interesting bordering on mysterious, and most of all fun – but today we had the distinct privilege of hanging out with some little ones at a friend’s project called Kilikids, a twenty minute drive outside Moshi. It’s one of many orphanages in the region, run together with a sustainable farming project in a beautiful rural setting. It’s nicely kept, well staffed and thankfully also well funded.

Needless to say – and I hope the pictures convey this – the kids were wonderful, warm, cute and adorably clingy. From the moment we stepped in the door with three other volunteers (from different projects), the kids were all over us and didn’t let go until the moment we said goodbye. It was refreshing and rewarding to get a small dose of the kind of unrestrained and unconditional affection and sheer joy small kids have in such abundance.

Thanks Ceri for showing us your spot. And what a beautiful, special spot it is.

Good night, friends all around the world – Christmas is fast approaching and I’m ever so slowly getting in the mood.



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