Amani Portraits, Vol. 1

I take out my camera and it starts instantaneously: “Kaisa – Picha, picha, picha!” and it doesn’t stop until my memory card is full or I pretend that the battery has run out. These kids love taking pictures in endless variations of poses, from the sweet and unencumbered to the hilarious and carefully thought out.

Their ease with the camera is beautiful and somehow raw; they’re less self-conscious (despite the fact that most of them are teens), less used to seeing themselves in this way or being critical of how others look, or indeed how they look in comparison. The only point of contention – rather endearingly – seems to be hair: they desperately want cool styles or something more interesting than the shorter-than-short cuts they have to contend with on health and hygiene grounds. I think we can all sympathize – who wants to be told what to do with one’s precious locks?

I’m at home today with a pesky cold (don’t worry, a cold has been making the rounds lately so it’s unlikely to be malaria or any other tropical delight) and the power is out, so I have three precious hours of laptop time left and then lots of time to read my book and rest.

Sending some hot, equatorial sunshine your way. Hope you all have a great start to the week.



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