Millions of Drops Make a Muddy Ocean

Heavy skies over Moshi

Like clockwork, the rains began on the 1st November and the season of crisp, bright days is over, at least for the next three weeks or so. The sun still seems to peek out every day, but the clouds are heavier than usual, darker than usual and as one might expect in rain season (duh!), a tiny bit wetter too. B & I just escaped the nighttime downpour (hoping our friends back at the al fresco bar didn’t get absolutely soaked / covered in mud), heavy as hell as I write this, and after weeks of sunshine and at times pretty exhausting heat, it’s a welcome change (cue collective sigh of relief from pretty much anything and anyone alive).

Tarangire was Dry with a big D, the dusty Masai plains on our way there were Dry, Moshi is Dry and even the city’s electricity supply has been affected – as it’s mostly produced by hydroelectric power, when the hydro runs out, the power does too. In addition to a (hopefully) more steady stream of electricity, having less dust between by toenails and in my shoes (nah, everywhere really) will be a real treat. We’ve heard the roads get pretty grim though as the mud oceans take over the already very uneven and frankly pretty precarious roads. I wonder how my already half-ruined shoes will fare. God only knows how the taxi drivers with their little Toyotas will get through…

Anyway, dear readers, as millions of raindrops turn the East African dust plains into oceans of mud and the clock ticks well past midnight, I head off to bed.

Good night, sleep tight, stay dry and take good care of each other.

– K&B

  1. timoschreck said:

    Kiitos Kaisa jutusta, terveiset Mumbaista.

    • Kiitos!! Terveisiä takas, toivottavasti tykkäsit safari kuvista :)!

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