Evening Vibes

Our street in the evening sun.

Our late afternoons/evenings so far have consisted of: A 45-minute walk along charming dirt roads/side-of-the-main-road paths  from Amani (a bit outside the city) to the center; a nice locally grown & brewed coffee/juice/smoothie in a local cafe courtyard (away from the laid-back mayhem of the busy rush-hour streets), walk back to the hostel as the sun sets around 6, quick dinner with our fellow guests (about 15 of them at the moment), and reading + a hasty online news reading-session in our mosquito-net fortress before the neighborhood guard dog barking lulls us to sleep…

The day was amazing and really laid back at Amani; finally some awkward-but-sweet “I don’t really speak Swahili yet but we’re somehow communicating”-interaction with the kids. We ended up finding common ground in football, the odd word of Swahili and English, dancing (they LOVE to dance – I’ll try to get some video of this tomorrow) and Michael Jackson.

Tomorrow’s a huge day – the long-awaited 10th year anniversary celebrations  for Amani, with a big march & street performances planned to raise awareness and publicize (locally) the good work that they do. 100+ kids and more than 40 staff will take to the streets of Moshi… It’ll be mad. Look forward to updating you guys soon (I’m one of the designated photographers for the day).

Much love from Mother Africa,

– K&B


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