It’s Auction Time!

As part of our fundraising effort we’re auctioning off 10 of my photographs at our goodbye/fundraising party on Saturday, 1st September. Taken in Sri Lanka, Cuba and Santorini in the past years, they represent our personal favorites out of a collection of 15,000+ photos in my over-flowing digital library and we hope you’ll really like them too!

They’re beautiful framed canvas prints and 90 x 60 cm in dimension. The starting bid for each print is 80 Swiss francs (to cover our costs).

If you’re not able to make it to the party on Saturday but would still like to bid for one, please send us your bid and we’ll take it into account during the auction.

– K&B

  1. Alicia Danielsson said:

    It’s on 🙂

  2. Salma Khatibu said:

    Hi Kaisa and Sebastian, one day to go before you event. All of us here at Amani wish you all the best, and indeed we look forward to welcoming you here soon!! Keep us informed, Salma

    • Thank you Salma – we’re really looking forward to the party and to spreading the word about all the great work you do! Kaisa

      • Michaël Massalsky said:

        Hi Kaisa & Boogie,

        How do we contribute to your fundraising, if not participaiting in the auction ? Do you have any account for this?
        I came back from traveling yesterday and will unfortunately not be able to attend your bye-bye party.

        I wish you lots of luck and all the very best!
        Michaël M.

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